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Members Rides - the Vans of California Street Vans

Across Southern California and across the world here are some of the vans that have joined in the #Friendsvansfunnnn

Most recently we are stoked to welcome our first Japanese member!


CSV is-


15 Inland Empire Vans (IE rules!) .. or maybe a few more.. we like hoarding vans!

4 OC vans

5 Los Angeles Vans

1 Ventura Van

5 SD Vans


1 Montana Van


7 English Vans


1 South African Van


1 Danish Van


4 ( maybe more! ) German vans


1 Japanese Van

Marcy- IE


Jim B- OC


Julian- England


Steve & Tina- England


Steve & Tina- England


Reiner- South Africa


Johnny- IE


Chris- IE


Jim T- IE


Jim T- IE


Jim T- IE


Jerry B- IE


Tonya- SD


Tim- IE


Elena- IE


Maudy & Ryan- IE


Steve- IE


April and Ken- LA


Michelle and Ransome- SD


Tom- LA


Bill- Montana


Suzan and Dave- IE


"J2"- IE


Cleis and " The Brunch "- SD


Cleis and " The Brunch "- SD


Cowboy Jim- LA


Henk- Denmark


Jon and Jin- England


"Chop"- England


Jim Thor- OC


Mike- IE


Mark- LA


Rory- LA


"Voicey"- England


Zam and Matt- OC


Raj and his cheesecake bites- OC


Teri and Mark- SD


Mike R-LA


Astrid- Germany


Astrid- Germany


Astrid- Germany


Martin- England


Ryan- England


Darron Neaves- England


Kouki Sano- Japan


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