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California Street Vans : Vintage and Custom Van Club.




Based in Southern California, California Street Vans is a van club that celebrates vintage and custom vans, and the "heyday of vanning" , the 1970's. 

Murals and graphics, flares, Cragars, full on custom interiors with beds, tv's and iceboxes, CB's and 8 Track players....the whole deal.

If you have a cool vintage van, an old beater, survivor van, or a cool custom you built yourself, contact us at

We put on a van cruise known as the So-Cal Slow Ride, where we get together and caravan through some really great spots in Southern California.

We put on the Randy and Dave Memorial run every spring.

We put on BYOB every October!

We put on The Big Ass Cook Out in Spring-ish. 

We co-produce the Stampede Van Run along with our good buddies the Van Freaks! 

Check out our sister page on 

Facebook Vans Rule !


Jim Bacchi: Founder


Jim Thompson: Pres/Treasury/Web/ETC (IE Rules!)

photo jun 21, 1 23 19 pm

Marcy Lipare, VP (IE Rules!)

Photo Apr 30, 2 39 40 PM

Tonya, Member (SD rules!)

Photo Apr 30, 2 40 21 PM

Teri, Member (SD Rules!)

Photo Jan 02, 2 16 58 PM

Cleis and "the Brunch", Members (SD rules!)

photo jun 21, 1 22 27 pm

Ryan and (Rowdy) Maudy, Members (IE Rules!)

photo jun 21, 1 22 22 pm

Johnny Smothers, Member (IE Rules!)

photo jun 21, 1 22 33 pm

Chris Tripp, Member (IE Rules!)

photo jun 21, 1 23 38 pm

Elena Pejic, Member (IE Rules!)


April and Ken Berryhill: members


Rory Fontana: Doctor of Mechanics, Founder

Flickr - Untitled

Zamanta Nix: Secretary/poodle wrangler "meow"

Randy: Member - RIP my friend.


Raj Rajadhyaksha: Member/minibike wreck champion

photo jun 21, 1 48 51 pm

Jim Rodrigues, Member


Tom Haigh: Member **Original Van Owner since the 70's

Flickr - Untitled

Jim Thor, Member

Flickr - Untitled_edited

Bill and Kim McBee (Associated Vans Legacy): Members


Tommi and Kyle, Members


Steve Yarber: Member (IE Rules!) **Original Van Owner since the 70's


Tim Dupleis: Member (IE Rules!)

File Feb 01, 11 57 04 AM

Jerry Bowse: Member, Big Ass Cookout Master! (IE Rules!)


Mike Russel: Member

Flickr - Untitled

Julian Hoskings INTL member (England)


Steven and Tina Morris: INTL members (Britain)


INTL member: Henk Huizer, (Netherlands)

File Apr 20, 12 36 59 PM

Patrick Denkers: INTL member (Netherlands)

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