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So-Cal Slow Ride!
California Street Vans'  signature event, the So-Cal Slow Ride is a one day caravan/cruise we put on in January. We'll be back 1/7/24!

Photo Mar 20 2023, 4 10 01 PM.jpg
Check out a few pics from Socal Slowride 10! 



For 2021 we came back to our traditional Palos Verdes Route. We had perfect weather and 116 vans crushing the coast! 

There are a ton of places to check out all the fun we had including-

Our instagram 

Our youtube

Our facebook channels- vans rule and californiastreetvans socal slowriders



The first Slow Ride, on January 8th, 2012, in Palos Verdes drew over 25 vans, and photos and videos were all over facebook, making the event well known across the country. Since then, we've hosted several Slow Rides, in Orange and Los Angeles counties, with numbers of participants growing, and now it's always the first van event of the year here in Southern California.

For the 2019 So-Cal Slow Ride we did something completely different and made a run up the malibu coast, starting at Will Rogers and ending at Point Dume ( except for the hardcore campers who went on to thornhill !)

Rain was in the forecast but there was no rain on the actual cruise, it was just a nice cloudy day at the beach! we did get POUNDED by rain at Thornhill overnight but sitting in your van listening to the surf and rain was worth the attempt to evacuate us and the other shenanigans that ensued. 


(Tom haighs cool pics  and some of my shitty pics below, enjoy! )







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