BYOB !!!!
Come party in a park for 3 days.. what can go wrong??
BYOB 6. Oct 1st-3rd 2021

Fri-Sun ( 2 nights ) pre reg $70.00 PER VAN! ( not per person) , at Gate $80.00 ( can enter park Friday at 11am )

Sat-Sun ( 1 night ) pre reg $35.00 PER VAN! ( not per person), at gate $40.00 ( can enter park Saturday at 10am)

Sat Day Time only ( 10am to 10pm ) $15.00 PER VAN*! ( not per person) pre reg or gate. This is the option you want to be using if you are coming out for a daytime only visit to see the van show/bands/vendors on Saturday. Please note is it also $15.00 per *regular vehicle, not per person ( you can stuff a bunch of people in your car ) 


Steel Honey


Scode City Garage

By Francis Frank

TCB Leather

Found + Freed


Saturday 10/2 4pm til.. 10ish

The Tradesmen

The Kill Kit

Big Rig Dollhouse



Livin Alive

Van Show-

Saturday 10/2 11am to 3 pm ish ( awards at 4 pm )


Food trucks-

yes! More info to follow !


A rogue Karoke event?-

It's possible! 

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