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BYOB7 !!!!

Sept 30th-Oct 2nd 2022!   
Come party in a park for 3 days.. what can go wrong?? 



Pre Reg Closed- PAY AT GATE!

Camping / Visit options-

1. Whole event - Friday Sept 30th- Sunday Oct 2nd 

Can enter park Friday 11am, leave Sunday at Noon ( price $80.00** at gate )

2. One Night camping option - Saturday Oct 1st - Sunday Oct 2nd Can enter park Saturday 10am, leave Sunday at Noon ( price $40.00** at gate )

Only Vans camp. No exceptions.

3. Daytime Saturday option - Vans- good for vans visiting to be in the Van Show / See the bands / Vendors/ hang, etc can enter park 10am must leave by 10pm. No exception( price $20.00** at gate )


4. Daytime Saturday option - Cars- good for cars to enter the park and park near our area, see the Van Show / See the bands / Vendors/ hang, etc - $20.00** at gate can enter park 10am must leave by 10pm. No exception

**price is per vehicle- stuff it with as many buddies as you want! 

Basic schedule-

Friday 9/30 - Event starts 11AM. maybe we will do Movies Friday Night? We'll see...

Saturday 10/1- Event Starts 11AM

Van Show 11-3pm 


Raddest Dodge

Raddest Ford

Raddest Chevy

Best Interior

Best Paint

Longest Distance

TBATW ( Randy Award)

Best Club Participation

Best in Boogie

Awards 3:30-4:30

4:30+ Bands !


Diamond in the Rough Stuff

By Francis Frank

TCB Leather Co

Boneyard Artillery

Stix and Stoned

Guy Salazar

California Van Swapper

Martins Junk Yard Goodies


The Walkers

Found + Freed


Steel Honey (Stick n Poke)


Living Darkness

Emily and the Blackouts

Livin Alive

Sunday 10/2 - pack up and head out! 

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