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BYOB8 " The OCHO" 

Sept 29th-Oct 1st 2023!   
Come party in a park for 3 days.. what can go wrong?? 



PRE REG closed! Pay at Gate if you did not pre reg!

Camping / Visit options-

1. Whole event - Friday Sept 29th- Sunday Oct 1st 

Can enter park Friday 11am, leave Sunday at Noon $75.00 pre-reg ( price $80.00** at gate )

2. One Night camping option - Saturday Sept 29th - Sunday Oct 1st Can enter park Saturday 10am, leave Sunday at Noon pre-reg $37.50 ( price $40.00** at gate )

Only Vans camp. No exceptions.

3. Daytime Saturday option - Vans - good for vans visiting to be in the Van Show / See the bands / Vendors/ hang, etc can enter park 10am must leave by 10pm. No exception- $20.00 pre-reg , $25.00** at gate 


4. Daytime Saturday option - Cars - good for cars to enter the park and park near our area, see the Van Show / See the bands / Vendors/ hang, etc - $20.00 pre-reg , $25.00** at gate can enter park 10am must leave by 10pm. No exception

**price is per vehicle- stuff it with as many buddies as you want! 

Basic schedule-

Friday 9/29 - Event starts 11AM. Friday Night movies with Marcy! 

Saturday 9/30- Event Starts 10AM

Van Show 10-2pm 

Categories- ( Van Awards ) 

Raddest Dodge ( Non-Early), 1st and 2nd Place

Raddest Ford ( Non-Early), 1st and 2nd Place

Raddest Chevy ( Non-Early), 1st and 2nd Place

Raddest Early Dodge, 1st  Place

Raddest Early Ford, 1st Place

Raddest Early Chevy, 1st Place

Best 4 x 4, 1st Place

Best Survivor, 1st Place

Light and Bright, 1st Place ( will be judged Friday night and awarded on Saturday ) 

Best Interior, 1st Place

Best Mural/Graphics, 1st Place

Best Overall Theme, 1st Place

Best Paint, 1st Place

Most Improved, 1st Place

Best First Time Showing at BYOB, 1st Place

TBATW ( Randy Award), 1st Place

Best Original Owner Van, 1st Place

Best in Boogie/Class, 1st Place

Best Camper Van, 1st Place

Categories- ( Other Awards ) 

Best Camp, 1st Place

Best Club Participation, 1st Place

Longest Distance, 1st Place

Awards 2:30-3:30

3:30+ Bands !

Hot Patooties


Flying Brains

Grand Old Evils

  Max Boogie Over Drive

Dog Satan


Aura Acid Rugs

Jacks Van Junk

Never Easy Boogies Vans

Charlies Van Salvage

Lovely Lo's

 Martins Junkyard Goodies

By Francis Frank

TCB Leather Co

Diamond in the Rough Stuff

Stix and Stoned


Steel Honey (Stick n Poke)

Sunday 10/1 - pack up and head out! 

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