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Have a cool custom/vintage van ?....

Roll with us.

Beside our meetings and So-Cal Slow RIde Events, we also go to car shows, and other Van events together.


We're also a great resource for parts and other info.


The only thing better than 1 van, is 20 more....


For more info on joining, including new international memberships email us at

also- here is a brief club FAQ-

Everything you always wanted to know about joining CSV-

1. Are there rules? Not really.. we have a club charter supposedly.. I have never seen it in the 7 years I've been in the club. No rules = just right!

2. Is it a dues club? Yes it is, always has been - $60.00 to join ( but you get the members shirt, the bumper sticker and any goodies I have laying around as part of that.) Also important to note is members get deep discounts on club events and merch. The club had been $60 dues every year but we recently changed that to $25.00 a year going forward. 

3. Do i have to do all the events the club is involved in? Be a lot cooler if you did.. but no.. no ones going to bug you about that kind of stuff.. ALTHOUGH if you are not planning on being active in the local van community this is 100% the wrong club for you. We support our events and other local events put on by other clubs or individuals. 

4. Am i expected to help with events like BYOB...etc? Yes, we would REALLY like it if you would

5. Are there regular club meetings? Kinda.. We are all busy people so we do the best with what we got! 

6. Is there a club Hierarchy? There is ....but its organizational in nature.. not an ego/ "I'm the boss" kinda thing. No one is trying to be " that person" lol 

7. Can anybody/any kind of van join? NO. We have guidelines on model years that we " prefer" in the club.. however we have bent these rules many times as a club. We vote on that kinda stuff. In general anybody can join if they a cool van, are down to van out, be ACTIVE and have a good time .. no douche bags, flakes or lames need apply! And if you're THAT boomer that just wants the window sticker and maybe show up to one event a year then sell your van cause your viagra funds ran low... you need to fucccc offffffffff. 

JT 6/21 "van out or fuck off"



Join CSV

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