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-California Street Vans presents-
"The Big-Ass Cookout!"

2024 BACO is over! C yah for BACO5 5/17/25! Please note that all the information below is for the 2024 big ass cookout and may change for the 2025 big ass cookout!

"An event where you eat burgers and have a good ass time"
( or maybe it's eat ass and have a good burgers time) 

This event is $55.00 at the gate Saturday per van ( stuff in as many people as you want ) and that price will include one "single in n out style burger" per van by the resident grill master Jerry Bowse. You will be able to buy more on-site. Don't like meat? We'll make you a grilled cheese. Don't like grilled cheese? We'll throw some lettuce on a bun for yah!

here are some more details for you-

as noted above if you paid for the overnight event (1) single burger setup comes with that. 
If you want to upgrade it to a double add $2.00 at the event. 
If you want to buy burgers for your friends/family that came with you or more burgers for yourself, pricing is as follows-
Single burger + bag of chips $6.00 
Double burger + bag of chips $8.00 
Burger bought onsite will be bought via ticket to keep it simple for us, and please bring cash.

Gatetimes/Food times
For our event the  gate will be open from 11am until 8pm
We will be serving burgers between 3pm and 700pm. 

*do not contact the park about the event. All pre-reg is done thru us. 
*only vans allowed. 

*No day time only option- be in it to win it and stay overnight- honestly if you have to leave during the day you are free to but its the full event price either way.


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