Friends and Vans-

June of 2013- I brought home Bertha. A knarly mess of a 74 Maxi Van. After stalking Craigslist and Vans Only for months and staring at a ton of sexy vans I somehow decided that the ugliest maxi made sense for me. Go figure-

I parked it across the street. lol.

The inside was greatttttt also.

July of 2013-

Funny thing about a Van, it brings people together. ( and no not with chloroform and candy, lol )

By July of 13 I was paint do something, ANYTHING to spruce up this hulking rust bucket. I crossed my fingers and drove it work to get quotes around OC.

I made it OC. Little did I know many mechanical shenanigans were to come in the near future, but at least not on this particular day.

I grabbed my coworker Letty as my co-pilot and she became the first official passenger in the Van. I give her many bravery and friendship points as it was July, it was hot, the dog house hardware was bad and this van was HOT in a bad bad way. We went paint shopping in OC, I believe this is when we found Prestige Collision in Anaheim Hills who would end up being the shop that painted Bertha a few months later ( and this year is in the process of painting Super Stitch )

Brave, brave Letty...

It looks like at this point i had tried "decorating" .. i had gotten that couch/bed on the cheap out in the desert but had 100% not figured out how it worked yet. this was Bertha REV A interior.

August of 2013-


We apparently talked Mayra ( probably against her better judgement ) into the idea that Bertha was the best place in the world to have lunch. ( it was August by now and it was probably super gross in the van but we toughed it out. We kinda dug it.)

Brave, brave Mayra-

Please note that by August i STILL had not figured out how the couch/bed worked, I laid it on the wheel wells and thought that was dandy. Pretty ghetto. Made an ok table though.

I must have gotten motivated, because one night i spent several hours in my garage fiddling with the ^%ing couch bed, and I finally nailed it! REV B interior! I had ripped all the shitty shag out of the van at this point, exposing the equally shitty plywood walls. Oh and I made a coffee table that flew across the van every time i smashed the brakes and amused me to no end.

For some reason we still thought it was a good idea to eat in the van when it was probably knarly hot. Stacey joined us (probably against her common sense also)

Brave, brave Stacey.

I had bought a cheap futon, I thought it was magic.

Letty and Mayra were still killing the van-lunch scene.

and I was winning at life with my interior ideas. 0_o

I made more things for the van. They were all pretty dumb.

We had more lunches, Letty did weird things with pillows.

BTW, Bertha still looked like shit.

Mmmmmm, sketchy.

October of 2013-

At some point...Bertha went to paint, I didn't expect much..actually I had NO idea what to expect as I had never had a vehicle painted before. But before the van was done, I cruised by the shop to check out the progress, as i pulled in, I noticed this rad van with new paint. It took a few minutes to process that it was MY shitty van and it looked RAD.

Holy Shit! Looks like a real van!

Flake!!! It wasn't quite done yet, but it was close!

One magical day I got the call that it was done.


Letty and Mayra immediately modeled with Bertha ..well because NEW Bertha!

When friends model with your shitty maxi van, you know they are real friends.

November of 2013-

And yes, there were more lunches-just in a better looking Bertha.

Fast Forward to February of 2014. it looks like we had lunch in the park. Mayra looks scared? lol

Hammer down!

July of 2014... took the van to Sonic..dented the fender which I still have not fixed to this day. Araceli and Dana made it a full family adventure. Now Dana looks scared...Letty is always happy though. That's why we love her. Looks like i had bought bandannas to cover the windows. REV C interior!

creepy light is creepy.

Later in July of 2014..the great kidnap beach experience. I will just let the pictures speak for themselves and note that Letty may be the only person who has ever kidnapped herself. Enjoy the beautiful beach pic.. lol.. then the pics of the chick who taped herself up and terrorized innocent beach goers by pounding on the window of the van with tape on her mouth.

this is the most messed up shit ever. lol.

But in the end we got one of my favorite pics of Bertha and Friends.

Bertha, friends, beach. FTW.

October of 2014-the great Halloween Bertha fest. Letty, Mayra and I have done Halloween together for many years, we decided this year to have a Bertha-centric Halloween and we killed it!

We were EXTREMELY PLEASED with ourselves and forced many many pictures to be taken of us in all of our glory.

Really, we were horrible- lol- so many pictures.

but no, we didn't stop there. The horror continued. Oh BTW looks like REV D interior by now, and those sick Westerns were on by now.

You would think it would have stopped there right?


How we live with ourselves to this day I don't know.

We did learn three things.

1. Mayra and I rock a fro equally well.

2. Mayra managed to re-create her childhood hair almost to a T. (unless that is Prince as a child, we have never been 100% sure )

3. Kilroy was here.

May of 2015-the last documented Bertha lunch experience pictures-modeling stuff, including my dash plaque board with only 5 dash plaques at the point in time! Bertha and I have lived 1000 lifetimes since then it seems.

Moral of the story...keep your van close but your friends closer? Or keep your friends close but your van closer? lol...Ultimately get yourself some some good friends and go on an adventure your sick ass boogie van of course!


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