California Street Vans : Vintage and Custom Van club.




President : Jim Bacchi

Vice President : Jim Thompson

Treasurer : Jim Thompson

Social Media: Jim Thompson
Doctor of Mechanics : Rory Fontana


Based in Southern California, California Street Vans is a van club that celebrates vintage and custom vans, and the "heyday of vanning" , the 1970's. 

Murals and graphics, flares, Cragars, full on custom interiors with beds, tv's and iceboxes, CB's and 8 Track players....the whole deal.

If you have a cool vintage van, an old beater, survivor van, or a cool custom you built yourself, contact us at

We put on several van cruises known as the So-Cal Slow Ride, where we get together and caravan through some really great spots in Southern California.

Check out our sister page on 

Facebook Vans Rule !


Jim Bacchi: President


Rory Fontana: Doctor of Mechanics


Jim Thompson: V.P./Treasury Actual Overlord of Everything

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Zamanta Nix: Secretary/poodle wrangler "meow"


Ron Cambra, Member

Randy: Member - RIP my friend.


Raj Rajadhyaksha: Member/minibike wreck champion


Tom Haigh: Member

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Jim Thor, Member

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Bill and Kim McBee (Associated Vans Legacy): Members

File Apr 20, 2 19 15 PM

Tommi and Kyle, Members


Steve Yarber: Member


Tim Dupleis: Member

File Feb 01, 11 57 04 AM

Jerry Bowse: Member


Mike Russel: Member


April and Ken Berryhill: members


Tom Petrovich: Member


Phil Glorioso: Member

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Julian Hoskings INTL member (England)


Steven and Tina Morris: INTL members (Britain)


INTL member: Henk Huizer, (Netherlands)

File Apr 20, 12 36 59 PM

Patrick Denkers: INTL member (Netherlands)

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Flickr - Untitled

Zamanta Nix: Secretary/poodle wrangler "meow"